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Social Security Forms

  • Work Activity Report is used to to report work activity and work incentives for Title II beneficiaries. This form is the most important reporting form for Title II beneficiaries.
  • Request for Reconsideration is a used by beneficiaries to request that Social Security reconsider a decision that has been made on a claim. This form is used when a beneficiary wants to submit additional information to be considered.
  • Request for Waiver of Overpayment is a form used by beneficiaries to request that an overpayment be waived because the beneficiary was not at fault or it is used to set up payment plans for overpayments.
  • Statement of Claimant is a form that can be used to report any general information to Social Security. It is a narrative form.
  • Work Activity Questionnaire is a form that is given to and completed by employers of beneficiaries to determine whether or not a Title II beneficiary has a subsidy or special condition at work.
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